In-Class Assigment

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9GAG——the page layout is pretty simple and repeating title, picture, title picture , title picture, then next page or back. ones u click on the picture i opens the picture and comments below. forms are pretty high since people add the pictures, almost non multymedia, no interactivity except the comments bar that goes thorugh facebook.

youtube—- well alot of forms alot alot xD everyone add videos whcih is forms, the statistics are also forms and the comments. No jave scripts since its only videos… but its all about multimedia, since the whole website is about videos.the layout is simple just write in the search bar and taged vidoes show up..

wordpress— all about forms, people complain, critisize and talk nonsense on wordpress whcih is kinda of forms, no multimedia ^^but alot of java. the layout is pretty good, all the menu and settings are detailed and its pretty good blablalbla…


Comment on the issue and monetizing in “the social network”. what is your opinion, why is facebook so succesful

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well  all other sites have a boring fake adds.. and facebook almost made the same idiotic mistake to put uhmm..that say YOU ARE THE WINER OF A LOTTERY blabla.. or google gave me 934636 dollars in one month just by working home.. thouse are no adds, thouse are idiotic animation pic or something that just fill the webpage and gets you angry cuz loading the page takes plus 10 sec.. so they though of this cooler thing. everyone can make an add by just putting the creditcard thing, adding a picture and link to the original product or service site. BUUUUUT the real thing is that the more people open the add hmm.. i thing facebook get o.03 cents or something, which is kinda cool but also evil xD my opinion is non diffrent then fb, its flawless..  but they just kill me with the new designs they make.. why is fb so sucesfull..? wellllll it was the first of its kind, adding video, pic, relationship status, music, makeing events, groups, selfadds and many other things. BUUUTTTT OFC their most powerful invention and tool is the “poke”.bye

Diffrence between URLs and relative references………What is the importance of learning HTML when designing webpages..-.-

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well about the first part of this very wierd question, ofc there is a diffrence, URLs are is the whole damn site , you go on any browser except IE ofc, and write www……….com so now you have a any website opened infront of you, but the relative references is a webpage inside a webpage… MY GOD! its called WEBCEPTION!!! if you are a 9gager or any other memes freak you would understand this..what is the importance of… well if you dont know the html you wont be able to creat a website.. so yeah in order to creat any website you need to know all the damn codes or so called “HTML”…

How often do i use the internet and what for..

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To lazy to write, its a good thing we only have to do 100 words.. I use internet daily for only a few sites. Those are Facebush, Utube for listening music, and ofc 9gag.. its like a routine every day, i come from school go on fb see whats new go on 9gag see new posts, and then i just chill sooo lets say i am on internet for 1-2-3 hours a day x) buuuuut when i was playing wow or gw theeen i would be on the internet for much much longer. Happly i quit playingx) ok eight more words left so.. done and… 😀

Copyright LALL!!!!

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well for me copyright is just bullS@!T, i mean copying what someone did may be ofc unfair but who cares.. i mean u create something and socity instantly knows  you made it so no need to copyright.. copyright was invented only, so people would get more and more money.. i mean its not all about the money.. how about fame.. The example in germany with samsung and apple.. YEA apple made it first, YEA they had more money then US when the world crysis started..SO WHAT if samsung made a similar thing.. People will know if someone steals the invention from someone else and they know IF he steals it then it must be with lower quality then the original one, if its better then its not a copy, BECUASE ITS BETTER!!!! i mean copyright proves people how selfish they are.. example: i make a drawing and i see people love it and would pay alot of money for it.. so instantly my eyes become a dolor bill sigh and i make 1 mil copys of it and i sell it.. what about just posting that drawing on the internet with a name on the bottom, people will know me better like that then just buying the drawing. I mean if i sell it to everyone its not unique.. but if i post it on the internet and everyone see it from their pc then its kinda unique, i dont know i thing copyright its a way to greed and selfisness. DID leonardo da vinci had copyright or Aistain H&lLL NO!! because they were good people and they made it so humankind would benefit from it, not just sit on the table and invent stuff and sell them for alot of money and get rich..


will finish it later..


Aboute Me O_o

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Bla..Bla.. Hi x) My Name is Aleksandar Kosev, and currently i need to sleep.. so i will keep this simple and short.. I was born and raised in Skopje that’s the capital of Macedonia, it’s a pretty awsome city i must say:) , Buuuut i live little bit farther from the center, with my parents. My brother is older then me so he moved in a new place , which is awsome. i have to complain i am not a dog person. i LOVE dogs and any other 4 leged thing but i suppose they dont like me.. startng when i was born till now i had exacly 9 dogs and each and everyone of them either died or ran away or got hit by a car..My hobbies are………PLAY on PC!!! i respect any kind of game made for pc even minefields:)  hmm.. no idea of any other kind of hobbies, for me its like, if i find something interesting, i do it till it gets bored or i break it and buy a new one whatever it is xD I still dont know what are my future plans and i dont bother, i mean the more i think of it the more confused i get and stuff, so when i get like 2 days before the deadline for admission into college then i will panic and go into hyperdrive and just flood with ideas, well.. thats all about me, i need to go pee..